Youth Interventions

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We’ve been coming together to learn about coercive control. For us, it's really important that young people and adults know what coercive control is, to prevent it happening in the future.

Youth Interventions

Youth Interventions

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Videos to raise awareness of coercive control

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What we made

We made a video to teach other young people in high school about coercive control and healthy relationships. We think that the main way to prevent coercive control is for young people to understand what it is and how to recognise it, knowing it can happen with their friends, their partners or even their family.

Our video teaches people what coercive control is and the difference between bullying and coercive control. We hope it will raise awareness that this is happening to young people all the time, and reduce stigma against those who have these experiences. In the future we don’t want any young person to be stuck in a coercive relationship they can’t get out of.

"It's made me more aware of the situation and that not everyone has perfect relationships" — Young Person

How we made it

To begin with, we learnt what's involved in coercive control, including laws and the legal side of it. Then we learnt the difference between coercive control, bullying and intimidation. This was a really important learning for all of us.

We made the script for our video, including characters and the storyline, based on what we'd learnt and from our own discussions. Our youth worker animated this and put it on YouTube.

Communication was really important for making the video together, we talked a lot! We managed to stay face to face, which really helped. We all got to know each other and what we thought. The group has gotten smaller, some people popped in and out, but we worked together well. We all got our ideas out!

“It became a great working group and there have been great social outcomes (they are actually friends!) Being involved with this has improved their confidence, their self esteem…” — Youth Worker

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