Through the Storms

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We’re a youth health campaign group. We wanted to tell young people that whatever they felt coming out of lockdown, they weren’t alone- together we will come ‘Through the Storms!’

Through the Storms

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Mental wellbeing campaign


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What we made

For us, it was really important to let young people know that they weren’t alone and that others were struggling with their mental health too when coming out of lockdown. We worked with JamHot creative agency to create a campaign to get young people to talk about how they were feeling.  To spread our messages we ran an Instagram campaign alongside billboards in Paisley Gilmour street station! We also had flyers, posters and even t-shirts that we shared when we were allowed to meet in person again. 

In the future, we’d love for young people to be able to talk to each other about mental health online and offline, so they know that it’s ok not to feel ok and can get the help they need, when they need it.

“This has genuinely been one of my favourite projects I've worked on with Create. I found this such a good example of good youth work because it did work. Because there was something to SHOW. They had so much ownership of it when they had a thing to show... giving out posters at their school, putting posters up all over"

How we made it

JamHot worked with us to teach us how to make a campaign, it was a creatively collaborative effort! We bounced ideas off each other, which worked really well even though we were online. Sometimes JamHot would give us prompts to think about at home and discuss at the next session to see if anyone had come up with something we really liked. 

Being online helped us to feel less pressured and all sharing our own experiences helped us feel closer as a group- it feels as though we’ve known each other for ages! We learnt a lot about how to reach out to other young people in a really practical way- not just shouting into a void!

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Produced in partnership with Engage Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire Council, Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership. Funded by National Lottery Community Fund.

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