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We’ve been exploring how to help young people feel comfortable asking for the help they need and feel able to share with adults,  showing them support is available for their wellbeing.



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Wellbeing resources


What we made

We’ve made a welcome video for new young people that come to Kibble - this will help new people know who to talk to and where to go if they are having any issues.

We hope that the video can also be a way to raise awareness and empower young people to be able to talk about what’s happening to them as many young people don't feel comfortable talking to adults. We want to make it clear that the adults here want to help and want to listen, and won't get you in trouble.

We’ve also made a wellbeing resource to go with the video, letting young people know what support is available if they need it.

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“I didn't even know what coercive control meant, it has helped us change how we chat about things with pals” — Young Person

How we made it

We started in small groups, or sometimes on our own with our youth worker as this helps some of us to engage. We watched videos and would discuss them. The campus police came to talk with everyone, about things like internet safety and bullying. It felt different from school chats, because it was something you wanted to learn about! 

We did some activities together, having activities is much better than just sitting around talking. We get bored when we are just sitting around and not doing anything with our hands!

We were all in charge of some parts when we designed the video and booklet. We all had a say in what we thought was important and should be included.

“Letting young people lead - feels much more effective. It is going to be more welcomed, it's going to make more of a difference...on other projects you're working for the funder, but when it's a resource idea that is coming from them you don't feel that pressure of 'this isn't going to work'. Feeling of ownership.”  — Youth Worker

Produced in partnership with Engage Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire Council, Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership. Funded by National Lottery Community Fund.

2021 Dartington Service Design Lab.

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