It's time to Change Up!

What is Change Up?

An exhibition of innovations co-designed by and for young people in Renfrewshire and beyond. Created to inspire us all to educate, empower and equalise systems to tackle coercive control and take early action on mental wellbeing. What will you change up?


Training, videos and resources to educate on coercive control and how to tackle it



A powerful presentation and training pack for professionals, that aims to educate and improve the quality of responses to coercive control and gender based violence in schools and services.


Youth interventions

The young people at Youth Interventions have created videos to share their deep learning to educate others on what coercive control is and empower young people to get the help they need.


Paisley YMCA

Created from a culture of brave conversations during their ‘Social Circle’ meet up. A series of posters and animations to educate others on coercive control and the support available.


Wellbeing resources to empower young people to talk about issues as they happen


Renfrew YMCA

Renfrew YMCA realised how important talking is, especially following a year of disconnection. They share their ‘walk and talk’ journey to promote wellbeing and empowerment.



Young people at Kibble know that asking for help can be daunting. They’ve created a welcome video and wellbeing pack for those new to the service, empowering them to access support.


Campaigns and resources to equalise conversations on mental health and wellbeing


Through the Storms

A campaign aiming to equalise the conversation on mental health so young people know that whatever they’re feeling  they can come ‘through the storms’, together.



An impactful training for statutory services to educate them on access to safe spaces.

Produced in partnership with Engage Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire Council, Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership. Funded by National Lottery Community Fund.

2021 Dartington Service Design Lab.

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